Thursday, April 30, 2009


A scrubby area near to North Landing at Flamborough early in the day, lots of birds were full of the joys of spring! We captured this Wren and a Whitethroat. Most other birds were elusive!

Roe Deer

ALways a delight to see these, they are quite common around certain areas of East Yorkshire


These were plentiful around the picnic area at Bempton. Although thought of as a raucous and scavening bunch, their beautiful eyes and grey/black " cap " makes them somewhat quite endearing!! Well in our opinion anyway!!


We had hoped to see a lot of these cute and lovely little characters but only saw a handful (now theres a lovely thought:) :)!!) this was the only decent shot we got.


We were delighted to observe this brilliant Kestrel whilst on the rocks at North Landing, Flamboro' . It was hunting over the grass above the rocks, and as we were underneath an overhang, it didnt seem to notice us. It was a joy to watch as it hunted and with the light fantastic on it, these shots were possible!

Kestrel in Action

More of this wonderful hunter!

Bempton Gannets

Lots of these nice birds are now there at Bempton, we were lucky to have some quite close on the cliff side

More Gannets....

Monday, April 27, 2009

East Yorkshire Wildlife

We got a great view of this Leveret by the roadside. In the grounds of our accomodation this Mistle Thrush was nesting and very agressive it was - even terrorising a Wood Pigeon, feathers everywhere!! Also shown here are Treesparrow (again in the grounds) and a Whitethroat


Great birds!! Again seen at both Bempton Cliffs and Flamborough.


One of our favourite sea birds, very pretty and very vocal! Lots now nesting at Flamborough and also a few at Bempton.

More Kittiwakes