Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ithacan Mini Beasts

Here shown processionary moth caterpillars(21 in total), millipede and unidentified bug and a chicada with prey

Butterflies and Moths of Ithaca

Lots of beautiful moths and butterflies, some i have not yet indentified apart from the swallowtail,black veined white and the white admiral.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Images of Ithaca

Breathtaking scenery greets you at every turn!

Ithacan Reflections

The sea like a mirror produced wonderful reflections of the beauty and wildness of the island

Ithacan Sunrise

A pleasure to get up early and watch the sunrise on our beautiful Ithaca

Ithacan Creepy Crawlies

Lots of weird and wonderful insects, orb spiders, hairy caterpillars(havent had chance to ID!) and huge centipedes, very scary creatures as they are poisonous and apparently have a very painful and nasty bite, not the sort of creature you take you eyes off, wouldnt want one of them up your trouser leg!!!

Crickets of Greece

Crickets part two

Lots of crickets abound, interesting creatures!

Grecian Lizards

Lots of these to watch everday up in the mountains and in the streets! Also shown here is a gecko

Grecian Lizards Part Two

More of the beautiful lizards of Ithaca

Friday, May 04, 2007


Great view of a soaring buzzard today, picture quality not brilliant as quite high up so pics needed cropping!